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At Sheats Endodontic Group, our root canal specialists can help patients receive the tooth pain relief they need while also preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible. This way, patients will not need to replace the tooth with an artificial one or need an extraction. With our non-surgical root canal procedure, we will ensure they do not feel pain during the procedure.

In most cases, the source of the pain is infected or exposed dental pulp, the inner layer of the tooth. We can effectively remove the damaged dental pulp and fill the space to relieve pain. This procedure can also prevent the tooth from getting an infection in the future. We can provide follow-up care to ensure the tooth is healing correctly and functions normally.

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Dr. Jay Sheats

Nashville Endodontist

Dr. Jay Sheats, DMD

Background & Education

Dr. J. Sheats didn’t find Endodontistry, but rather it found him. Dr. J. loves adventure and believes in God directing his path, even when he didn’t realize his steps were ordered.

Dr. J. graduated Magna Cum Laude from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. Learning is something he tries to do daily, and he is a member of a variety of honor societies, with Phi Beta Kappa being the most prestigious.

After college, he worked as an Industrial Engineer with Saturn Corporation and witnessed the first car to “roll” off the line. Although he enjoyed his time at Saturn, he was drawn to pursue Endodontistry.

Dr. J. attended the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in Louisville, Kentucky. Here he gained a dental education and also opened his eyes to non- traditional activities, like mountain biking, hiking and, of course, horse racing. Next in the adventure was his General Practice Residency at Metro Health Hospital/Case Western Reserve University. At that point, he realized Endodontics was for him and then pursued a Certificate of Endodontics from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. Through faith, hard work, and determination the path to becoming an endodontist was well worth the journey! Dr. J. believes and often tells others that he enjoys root canals so much that work is no longer work.

Dr. J. Sheats is a member and has held leadership positions in organized Endodontistry on the local, state, and national level. He is currently a member of the American Association of Endodontists, the American Dental Association, and their local and state components. In keeping the legacy of his father, Dr. Jimmy B. Sheats, Sr., he believes in volunteering, mentoring, and giving.

“To whom much is given, much is required” is part of his personal mantra. Dr. J. and his wife, Christie, have three teenagers that keep them busy, but they still find time to volunteer with various service organizations and the church as a family. Dr. J. is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, President of the Nashville Chapter of the Morehouse College Alumni Association and a Deacon at Mount Zion Baptist Church. Dr. J. believes in working hard and playing hard. He enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, trips to the beach, and enjoying the life God has given him.

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Dr. Jan-Néé Sheats-Mathis

Franklin Endodontist

Dr. Jan-Néé Sheats-Mathis, DMD

Background & Education

Franklin endodontist, Dr. Jan-Néé Sheats-Mathis, is a Nashville native. She attended Williamson City schools and graduated from nearby Brentwood High School. Dr. Sheats-Mathis went on to earn a Bachelor of Science from Spelman College, where she was recognized for exemplary scholarship, leadership, and service as a member of the Mortar Board National Honor Society. After graduating magna cum laude from Spelman College, she completed her Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry with honors from University of Louisville, KY. Dr. Sheats-Mathis then continued her advanced studies at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine for an Endodontic Specialty Certificate. As a practicing endodontist, she belongs to several professional organizations, including the American Association of Endodontics and the American Dental Association. Dr. Sheats-Mathis is also a past president of the Capital City Dental Society.

Dr. Sheats-Mathis is married to Ken Mathis, who owns several Cheeseburger Charley franchises in the Nashville area. She is active in many local community and civic organizations, and is a member of Clark Memorial United Methodist Church.

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The Legacy of Sheats Endodontic Group Lives On

Our Story

Sheats Endodontic Group was founded 35 years ago by Dr. Jimmy B. Sheats and his wife, Simone. They built the practice like they built their family – with dedication and love. Dr. Sheats was committed to staying abreast of the latest science and technology, providing quality care and delivering outstanding customer service. His obvious love for the profession, his patients, and the entire dental community was shown daily.

It is no surprise that two of his four children would follow in his footsteps. For nearly 20 years, Dr. Jimmy B. Sheats, II and Dr. Jan-Néé Sheats-Mathis have been providing the same services with the same love and dedication that their father instilled in them at a young age. Dr. Jimmy B. Sheats, II or “Dr. J.,” as his patients affectionately call him, is a graduate of Morehouse College. He attended University of Louisville School of Dentistry where he was a classmate of his sister, Dr. Jan-Néé Sheats-Mathis, who attended Spelman College prior to dental school. They both attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine for their specialty training in Endodontics. Though their education is similar, they are not twins; the twins in the family are their younger siblings, Jylana and Jamaal.

Dr. J is married to Christie and they have three teenagers that keep them busy. All three are very active in civic organizations and athletics. On any given day you will see family members on a basketball court, tennis court, or soccer field. Christie and Dr. J. feel that it is important to balance faith, education, and extracurricular activities in raising the next generation of leaders. Dr. J. is active with numerous community organizations and serves as a Deacon at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. He enjoys spending time on the grill, traveling and relaxing with family and friends.

Dr. Sheats-Mathis is married to Ken, and they are proud parents of an energetic toddler, Zoë. She attends the Children’s House Montessori, and she enjoys gymnastics and absolutely anything outdoors. The family is involved with numerous community organizations, and lead community service and health and wellness efforts across Middle Tennessee. Dr. Sheats-Mathis is a vegan and loves “veganizing” traditional recipes. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Long-Standing Tradition of Excellence at Sheats Endodontic Group

The family at Sheats Endodontic Group is much like the family that they have at home. Dr. Jimmy B. Sheats may no longer be physically present, but the values and principles remain the same. Drs. Sheats and Sheats-Mathis will take care of you as if you were one of their own.

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