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I was sent here by the Veteran’s Admin. This was one of the most professional offices I have ever been to. All, and I mean All the staff was friendly and helpful, explained every aspect of what was being done. and if there was ever any little pan, they stopped and corrected the problem before continuing. I was very impressed and would go back if it was needed.*

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Reasons To Go To A Root Canal Specialist For Treatment

4 Reasons To Go To A Root Canal Specialist For Treatment

A root canal specialist is a great resource to utilize when needing deep tooth treatment. They focus their efforts on severe tooth pain, saving damaged teeth and performing root canal procedures that require more advanced care. There are a number of benefits that come with visiting a root canal specialist for endodontic care. Ready to…

What Is Root Canal Surgery?

What Is Root Canal Surgery?

Commonly known as an apicoectomy, root canal surgery is a procedure that can help save your tooth in situations in which a non-surgical procedure cannot achieve the necessary results. Oral care has come a long way in the last few decades, from ultrasonic tools to clean teeth to digital X-rays that are more efficient and…